Holiday Bootie Buster Winner!!

I’ve been occupied this past weekend with my little sister’s college graduation!  Congrats Jaimie!  I was able to squeeze in a “short” long run with the CES Winter Warriors prior to my flight to Maryland, and got the opportunity to try out my new Garmin sports watch on that run!  It was interesting to use it on my run and see constantly updating distance and pace.  I did learn that you should turn the Garmin on a few minutes before you begin the run, and that it doesn’t always lock onto the satellite while you’re moving, so that was interesting. I think I lost about a half mile from that?  Once I get the chance to actually load my GPS, I’ll compare with my Nike+ watch that I also took out!

The run itself was cold, and relatively fast leaving out of Fleet Feet.  Luckily it was a shorter run, only 6 miles, since many of my teammates are tapering for a MLK weekend half marathon! Good luck Lillian & Shelly & other CES’ers!  Some are going to the Bahamas to run, and some to Phoenix for the R’n’R Arizona Half Marathon.  It was good that this was a short run because I had to shower, and then go catch my flight for the weekend!

Catching up on blogs tonight, I found out from Run to the Finish that I won a prize in Amanda’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! I’m super excited! I won an America’s Nutrition Goodie bag and a “Will Run For Cake” Necklace.  I’ll be interested to receive this package and see exactly what I’ve received!

Check out Run to the Finish’s newest giveaway, where Amanda’s giving away Coconut Oil and other goodies from Sunfood.  I’m super intrigued by Coconut Oil and may have to try it even if I don’t win 🙂

Anywho, even though this weekend was busy with graduations, run, Raven’s football, and travel snafus, I’m going to bed happy tonight that I’ve won something and helped to further my healthy habits throughout the holidays!


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