Quick & Cold

Tonight was my first run this week.  I wasn’t feeling too great earlier this week, so I took extra time to rest. And rest.  Tonight I decided to do a quick run, seeing as it was 18 degrees outside and I have a short “long” run tomorrow. 

My 2 miles was a nice run in a part of my neighborhood that I walk, but haven’t run too much in before. It was nice to be seeing these sights from slightly different viewpoint, and to get out and run a bit while it was snowing lightly out.

At work we’ve been in a retreat all week, so there’s been lots to think about, and to appreciate in work, but it makes you think about appreciation in other areas too. I appreciate that I CAN run, that I’m ABLE to run, and that I enjoy running.  I appreciate my health too. 

Happy weekend everyone!


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