13–and not a race

Happy New Year everyone!

Today On Sunday, I ran 13 miles with the CES Winter Warriors as our longest training run of the season! Since I’ve been running in Chicago, this is definitely the longest training run I’ve ever done—for now. (I’ll be building up past this in February as I train for the Illinois Marathon).

Post-run, I’ve been eating dim sum (the best Chinese food ever!), resting, and watching River Monsters – a great TV show on Animal Planet about fishing for HUGE fish!

The New Year’s holiday weekend has been excellent. I got 2 yoga sessions in (2 more than in December total!), saw friends, saw a movie, and ate some good food! I also got an amazing Christmas gift. 

Sunday’s run is one that I’m glad occurred at all! Forces were against me as my alarm didn’t go off this morning, the bus wasn’t running on my schedule, and then when I left in my car for the run, I forgot my running jacket! Somehow I made it back home and then to the Fleet Feet Sports where we leave for our runs from, and made it on time.

This was a cold run.  The temperature was 16 degrees, and felt like 4, when we left.  I was bundled up:

  • On bottom:  Lululemon tights, and Smartwool Socks
  • On Top: Pink top (with thumbholes), running jacket (windproof, and I almost forgot), amphipod belt to hold water
  • On Head: Brooks beanie with ponytail hole, Balacava

I ran with the 10:30’s group again, and while we didn’t quite run that pace the entire run – it was long and after our holiday hangovers, I did it all! CES provided a hydration station out along the lakefront path, which I very much appreciated! I had brought my own water in little bottles, but it froze! So I definitely fueled up on water and Gatorade at the hydration stop on the way out and back.  My Clif blocks (gummy chews) also froze, so I took one and sucked on it for a while, but it was too hard to actually chew.

The last mile was definitely the hardest. I realized that usually when I run 13 miles, there are cheering crowds by mile 12 that help you run through any pain. It was also colder than I’ve run before, and I didn’t quite have the hydration and fueling that I’m accustomed to when running a race. 

This was a GOOD training run as I have more coming up  in preparation for the marathon. Some lessons learned:

  • don’t plan on shot blocks – bring gu’s instead. Plan where you can go in for water (e.g. coffee shop).  Fill any water bottles up with gatorade – the salt & sugar will help slow the freezing process.
  • Plan on how you’ll break up the run – it was long! Different views (lakefront v/s inner path) helped to break up the monotony. 
  • Plan to get warm quickly. I was really glad I brought extra clothes to change out of. 
  • Set 2 alarms.
  • If I’m doing this on my own, I may plan to do the 2nd half of the run on a treadmill, just to not be too cold and out there by myself. 

6 thoughts on “13–and not a race

  1. Amy

    I am suddenly very, very glad that I don’t have to deal with runs so cold that my water freezes! Hopefully that will remind me to stop bitching about the 30-ish degree weather we’ve been having lately. 🙂

    Nice job on making the run & all 13 miles.

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I’m running 13 miles again this weekend, and I think I may include gatorade in the bottle to see if that helps to reduce the freeze.

  2. iRun2BeFit

    Wow, I’ve read that people have that problem with water freezing in their bottles, I haven’t experienced it yet, but that’s insane! Insane that we runners are crazy enough to run in temps that cold! 🙂

  3. kilax

    I hate it when my water freezes in the winter!

    That is awesome you are doing the IL marathon! I am doing the I-Challenge – 5K and half 🙂

    1. Lauren Post author

      Exciting! I was in C-U last year as my BF ran the half marathon. It’s a fun atmosphere, and I’m excited to run my 2nd marathon with it! We’ll have to meet up at some point for a run beforehand as we’re both in the Chicago area!


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