2010 Running Recap in #s

I’m getting ready for NYE! First a yoga class this afternoon, then some fun!  But I wanted to take a moment and look back on 2010 from a running and statistics perspective.  While I’ve kept running logs before, this is the first year it’s online and easy to crunch the numbers! (I’m super-excited for the Garmin 305 I just purchased, to help make 2011 even more data-driven Smile what a geek I am).

Anyway, here’s some stats about 2010:

According to my Nike+ (please note that I’m not super-strict about keeping it calibrated. I also don’t wear it all the time – I purchased in April and wear 90% of the time):

  • 107 workouts
  • 467 miles run; average pace of 11:16 min/mile.
  • 87:13 hours run. 

According to my Athlinks profile – a site that stores your race data:

  • 12 Races Run:
    • 1  10K
    • 1 15K
    • 2 5Ks
    • 3 8Ks
    • 5 Half Marathons  – apparently I like distance Smile 
  • Average pace of all races –> 11:03 min/mile
    • First 8K of the season’s time:  59:11 (pace: 11:54)
    • Third 8K of the seasons’s time: 54:56 (pace: 11:03)
    • First Half Marathon time: 2:34:25 (pace: 11:47)
    • Fifth Half Marathon time: 2:21:29 (pace: 10:48)
  • I also beat a 6 year old PR for my 5K time.  In 2004, I ran my first 5K in 31:13. I haven’t beat that pace until this October when I ran the Bucktown 5K in 30:04.

Looking through all these numbers, I still have some older PRs in certain distances:

  • 10K – 2005
  • 8K – 2006
  • Marathon – (one and only, so far!) – 2006

I’ve been thinking about my goals for this year, and will consider whether I want to work on improving those times. Well, I already know I’d like to improve upon my Chicago Marathon 2006 5:35 time, but not sure whether the 8 & 10K times are as important to me…

Happy New Year to all! 


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