End of Year Goals Wrap-up

First, some run updates:

Monday started my Marathon Training for the Illinois Marathon on April 30! I succeeded on that day – REST!  Tuesday I ran 3 miles on my parents’ treadmill, and did an interval workout.  5 minutes at a 10mph pace, 2 min recovery.  I actually bumped it up to 10.4 mph for the last half of the last interval.  3 intervals total, w/ warm-up and cooldown.

Wednesday I ran with the CES Winter Warriors and we did a negative splits workout.  We ran 26 minutes out, and then ran back to start a little faster.  I was running a bit late so my watch was slightly off, but according to my records, we ran out for 23:40 and back in 23 minutes.  Go us for negative splits!  That was also much faster than what I have run recently as I did many holiday runs on my own since I hadn’t been able to make it to my running group. 

Looking Back on 2010:

I didn’t actually put together any documentation of my goals at the beginning of 2010, but midway through the year, put together a goals document.  Here’s what I had:

  • Professional Growth – Complete PMP (Project Management Professionals) certification. This is a certification that will increase opportunities in a future (unplanned) job search.
    • Needs Attention.  I’ve put together a general study plan.  First step is to take a practice test.  Just do it.
  • Personal Finance – Increase my savings. 
    • Met.  I’ve done well with this.  Personal finance is one of my interests, and I’ve put a lot of attention in past years to this.  I feel pretty good with where I’m at in saving.
  • Health – Get to a healthier BMI
    • Progress, but needs attention. I actually lost 8 pounds in 2010, primarily through tweaking eating habits and getting back into a regular running routine. However, I have more ways to go if I were to get to a “normal” BMI. 
  • Exercise – Practice Bikram Yoga
    • Needs Attention. I had actually been pretty good at this last winter, and got out of the habit as the weather got warmer. I haven’t gotten back into it, but I do love the benefits I get out of it (postworkout feeling, weightloss & strength boosts, calming). 
  • Hobby/Misc. – Strengthen Blogging Habit
    • Met – new goal needed? I started this blog!  I’ve been better recently about blogging.  I actually love using Windows Live Writer, which has made posting much easier!

I also put together these lifetime / Long-Term Goals:

  • Get into habit of Bikram Yoga 2 x week, then 3x week by end of year. This gets at my desire to practice yoga more regularly. 
  • Travel regularly
  • Give generously to organizations that I believe in.
  • Strengthen friendships & relationships

Tomorrow or Saturday I’ll post regarding what my goals and plans are for 2011.  Stay tuned!


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