Marathon Training Plan–Day 1

It feels a little like cheating to start my marathon training plan with a Rest Day! But I ran 8 miles yesterday, so that’s my excuse.

On Christmas, I signed up for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon on April 30. Although I just signed up, I’ve been working on my training plan throughout December.  Some of the references that I used when planning this:

Key factors in my training plan include:

  • I have some weeks with only 3 runs scheduled.  For me, sometimes I need decompression time, or time to truly get into the habit.
  • 1 day per week minimum of Yoga or other cross-training
  • A non-running challenge or goal per month:
    • January: use the “cross-training” GroupOn for the TeamFit gym near my office.
    • February: Yoga challenge? Do yoga 2+ times/week.
    • March & April:  Suggestions are welcome! Depending on how I feel as I increase mileage with the other challenges (and stay sane!) I may just focus on running and maintaining flexibility.

So here’s my training plan.  I’ll be posting updates in my workout log of my progress.

Also: Molly @ The Sleeper Baker is having a giveaway of compression shorts!  That would be so great to win!  Check out her blog and enter if you also like the quad/butt/hanstring compression that I do!

If you’re in the Chicago area and are doing Marathon Training this spring, please let me know! I’d love to share some of my training runs with you – even if we’re not at the same distances each week!


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Plan–Day 1

    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks! I definitely want to pick your brains about biking to work for when its warmer out. I thought that was really cool that you did that last summer and I’d like to — but not w/ snow on the ground! 🙂


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