Treadmill Training Ideas

I’m visiting my family for the holidays, and am looking to take advantage of my parents’ free treadmill! I’m planning to get a gym punch-card membership for when it gets super-cold and snowy in Chicago, and have been collecting some treadmill workouts so I can best take advantage of the time on the ‘mill. 

As it’s been getting colder around the country, I’ve been gathering some pointers from other bloggers.  Jen @ This Runner’s Trials recommends doing tempo runs on the treadmill, and suggests a pyramid workout as well. 

Erin @ Eri-thon here in Chicago also has talked about how she’s done treadmill workouts.  She’s done more speedwork than I have, so it’s nice to see how she made this a bit more than what I would have guessed all by myself.  A mix of 800’s and 400’s – and how she converted it on the treadmill to miles! (somehow it was only recently that I thought to convert the #s to miles to better understand the distance Smile )

And Amanda @ Run to the Finish has shared her go-to workouts on treadmill intervals.  She shared a few different options, so no boredom on doing the same workout over and over! Similar to Erin’s mix of speed distances, she’s got some workouts where the distances are mixed up.

I’m planning on running 3 more days of my vacation, one of which will be an 8 mile run.  Depending on the temperature outside, I may do one or more of the runs inside on the treadmill (potentially splitting my long run between outdoors & indoors!) and enjoy some of the warmth of indoors! 


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