Today’s prompt is: What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

I would like to try a triathlon next year, as I’d like to see what the multisport thing is all about as well as stretch myself to improve in other sports (namely biking, but swimming as well). Plus I heard that cross-training is good!

In 2010, I wanted to get back into running again and signed up for different half marathon (among other shorter distance) events. For some reason, I had put achieving a time of 2:30 as my goal.  The first three events, in May, June & early August, I was within 5 or 6 minutes of that time.  I was frustrated. But it forced me to analyze my deficiencies – some with stress/nerves, some with endurance in heat, some with the bathroom, and work on addressing those in training.  I adjusted my goals for the next half marathon and didn’t set a time goal.  But I actually beat that 2:30 goal at that race – the Madison Mini-Marathon

What worked here? I set mini goals that were not all time or numbers related.  My Madison Mini goal had simply been to not stop at the bathroom in the first 7 miles of the race.  Well, I beat that and didn’t stop at all during the race! Some of that is mental, some was nutrition/training, and some was stress-related.  But I worked on all aspects of that, and had another successful race at the Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas half marathon in December. 

So, Ms. Lauren, for 2011, you should try:

  • Complete a triathlon.  Goals are to complete a sprint distance (750m swim, 20K bike, and 5K run) and Olympic distance triathlon (double the sprint distance).  I’ve run much further than these, and have been working on the cycling this past summer. It will be a stretch for the olympic distance, but I’m up for the challenge and my body generally likes the distance over the speed!  Maybe if the race calendars work out properly, I’ll get to do a 2nd sprint triathlon to measure improvements – both in time and comfort with the multisport!
  • Run a marathon.  No this won’t be my first marathon (I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006), but I’d like to stretch myself in the distance running again.  I’ve enjoyed the half marathons, but want to test my limits!  I think a Spring Marathon (Illinois Marathon, anyone?) is in order.  More on that as I plan for my training later. 

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