Rudolph Ramble 8K Race Recap

This morning I ran the Rudolph Ramble race in Lincoln Park! It was a fun holiday run.  Today’s weather looked like this:


That’s actually the 2:30 pm weather, so it was a bit cooler this morning. I met up with Jenna, Adam, Heather and we went over to the race site.  It was snowing as we went along in our crazy-cab, veering toward Lincoln Park. We made it there safely though!

We met Jen at the race, and then realized it was too cold to turn in our jackets at Gear Check when there was still half an hour before the race.  We kept them on, jumped around and took some photos to stay warm! Jen also had her Santa hat with Mickey Mouse ears on:


Adam, Jenna, Heather & Jen at the starting line


Lauren, Jenna, Heather & Jen, huddling together for warmth!


We also saw people dressed up in fun costumes! Check out Santa and this Christmas tree:


Jenna had a fun outfit on – she was wearing a red shirt, with a white furry vest, and then had a black cape on for warmth pre-race.


When the race started, Heather and I ran together for almost the entire race. The race organizers had changed the race course from a loop to an out-and-back, which I think was a good thing given the weather – snow & wind along the course, with slushy/icy/snow on the ground.  The out-and-back course allowed the race support to be more present throughout the course & keep a closer eye on all the runners, making sure no one got hurt from slipping or falling on the ice.  The wind & snow was also intense – as we were running out for the first half, the snow/rain was coming at us horizontally. I was glad I had a baseball cap on that Jenna had lent me for today. At least once we turned around to head back, it was a lot easier because the wind was at our backs and we at least felt faster.

Overall it was a good course, and even with the slush & snow, my time was 54:56.1.  That’s only a few minutes off from my Turkey Trot 8K time less than a month ago, but that course did not have snow or crazy winds.

Post race, there was the standard food offerings (bagel, banana, water, gatorade) but it was too cold to want anything.  I met up with my co-runners and once we’d gotten everyone, we went out to search for cabs.  This was actually the worst part of the event – we could not get a cab no matter what! Finally we went to a bus shelter to get out of the wind and Adam called for a cab. Go Adam!

We high-tailed it to our friend Laura’s apartment to warm up with french toast, hot apple cider & Bloody Marys. All of us girls are running the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February, so we did some planning for that and figured out our hotels.

Overall, it was a good – character-building –race and I’m glad we did it to help Children’s Memorial Hospital and run with a bit of holiday cheer!


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