What to do when life gets in the way?

I’ve meant to work out both days this week so far, but life has gotten in the way!  How can I plan better?!

I truly wanted to go for a run.  Monday evening I was sucked into some work until late, and it was raining when I left.  Tuesday I had planned on going to a spin class but found out on Monday (!) about a volunteer meeting I had forgotten to add to my calendar!

I’d like to try – and have been meaning to work on – getting up earlier to go for a run before work.  But that hasn’t worked out either.  I’ve got a case of the “shoulds, want tos,” but Can’t! 

What’s a girl to do?  At least for tomorrow, I am making it a hard stop to leave work at 5 PM because I have my first interval workout with the CES Winter Warriors!  Go warriors!

I’ve also been considering a marathon next year. I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now.  Now I’m looking to make a decision: Should I go for a spring (May) marathon and get the training done with before summer? Or should I shoot for a fall marathon and train/think/plan all year? 


  • Spring would probably be a somewhat local/Midwest marathon. Wisconsin or Illinois both have a few marathons in late April or May.
  • I’m not sure what marathon I’d do for fall.  I could sign up for the New York City marathon lottery, and find out in March.  I probably wouldn’t do Chicago because a friend is getting married on that weekend. I haven’t thought about what other marathons I might be able to do in the fall.

What do you think? How have you made decisions around large commitments? Training for a marathon is an intense time, physical & mental commitment, and I want to be as thoughtful as possible!


3 thoughts on “What to do when life gets in the way?

  1. Courtney

    I say go for the full marathon in the Spring. You will already be training for the half in February so it’ll only be a few months away.

    As for life getting in the way, it happens. Don’t beat yourself up. Make the hard stop at work tomorrow and meet up with your group. I always say I’ll get up early but I’m not a morning person and even when I do force myself my workouts are never as good. I make it a point to go after work and plan it into my schedule like I do everything else. If you have anyone you can meet up with that always helps too. If you feel committed to meeting someone it helps you get out of work on time. Just my two cents. I hope they help.

    If you are ever looking for a workout partner I’m game!

    1. Lauren @ Lauren Runs Post author

      Thanks for the support! It’s definitely harder to keep up the running outside routine when it’s cold outside! We should try to meet up sometime for a workout!

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