Today’s run was definitely the chilliest yet this year.  I had my CES Winter Warriors long run this morning, and it was a cut-back day.  Good thing, since I am tapering for my Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas next Saturday! Vegas, Baby!

The weather at 7:30 AM was 24 degrees, feels like 12.  I wore my new Lululemon tights, my pink long-sleeve, running jacket & a hat.  Overall, I suppose the temperature was warm although I realized that my top & jacket did not do a lot in terms of wicking the moisture away.  As soon as I finished my run and started cooling down, the sweat moisture got very cold! (Good thing I am ending my runs with a latte — that kept me warm!)

See pictures below from after the run. I took off the wind-proof jacket, but you can see the detail & reflective material on my new running tights!


The run itself was a challenge.  I think mostly because of the cold. Regardless, I was fine for the first 3-4 miles, but then struggled to keep up with the group. My hips felt very tight, even though I had done my dynamic stretches while waiting for the bus this morning.  More time is needed in yoga and on the foam roller I suppose.

After the run, I stopped at Starbucks for a warm-back-up drink, and ended up chatting with my new friend from the pace group. Shelly is very cool and we chatted about travels that we’ve done.  She’s super-nice and I hope to see her again at a CES run soon!

This afternoon had some napping, grocery shopping, bread baking involved.  Now off tonight for some excellent Cuban food!


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