Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!
Yesterday I ran the Chicago Turkey Trot in celebration of thanksgiving. It’s the fourth Turkey Trot that I’ve run in 4 years, and finally I think this has become an actual tradition!

M & I left yesterday for the race and it a bit chilly out! It had rained the night before, and was predicted to rain/wintry mix later that day. I’m a wimp with the weather, but I also wanted another opportunity to practice dressing for cold & wintry weather.

Last minute decision was to wear my shorts, with my pink long-sleeve (with thumbholes!) Since it was a relatively short race, it was a good decision. Since M wasn’t racing, he gratefully volunteered agreed to be my personal gear check, and take my warmer jacket right before the race start.

Other than the puddles, and the thousands of people running on the relatively narrow lakefront paths, it was a great race! Lots of good energy, I felt good and fast. Even though I stepped in a puddle, that didn’t get me down.  And when I crossed the finish line, they were playing my current favorite song.

Good and fast was right! I am pretty impressed with my time:

  • 50:50.1 — translates to a 10:14 average pace!
  • In my age group division (Females 25-29), I placed 392 out of 874. (Top 44%)
  • In the women’s division, I placed 1330 out of 3272 (top 40%)
  • Overall, I placed 2853 out of 5679  (top 50%)

After the race I soon found M and got warmed up in my jacket and then went home.  Thanksgiving dinner later that day was with M’s family. Good deliciousness & fun times had by all.

Black Friday

Today we’ve done about as much Black Friday participating as I’ve ever done. We strolled through Bucktown and checked out Lululemon to see if they had any sales, and to try on some items that are on my Xmas List. No sales, but I was convinced convinced myself to buy some running tights when I realized I had capris & fleece pants, but no in-between tights that weren’t saggy, 9-year old spandex.  So some new Run Dash Tights for Lauren! Run: Dash Tight

The last few years, it seems like I have always gotten something for myself during the xmas shopping season before I get anything for other people.  I wonder if there’s some psychological reason for this? Regardless, I’m glad I got the pants and got it out of the way at least early on and for something I really like, rather than waiting!

This afternoon has been some chilling and watching the moving Crash.  So good!

What have you been up to with the holiday weekend?  Are you enjoying yourself?


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