Cold run, midweek progress.

I ran last night. That hadn’t exactly been my plan, but I awoke on monday morning and hadn’t slept very well.  I really needed wanted an extra 45 minutes of sleep.

So I planned to run on Tuesday evening.  Earlier in the day I had been to my office’s thanksgiving potluck and ate reasonably stuffed myself. I did focus on fruit & veggie dishes, and just had taster portions of the other dishes (lemon cake, pork & buns, etc).  I made a mushroom bread pudding that was quite popular  :).

Yesterday was also the coldest day so far (in my opinion).  On my way home, I kept debating to myself on whether it would matter if I skipped this run or not.  It was cold, I wasn’t going very far anyway. But on the other hand, this would have been one more cancellation of a run.  My body wanted to run.  I have a half marathon coming up in 2 weeks (!). I’m still full of food from the lunch/late-lunch/afternoon-clean-up.

I arrived home, definitely still full from food and decided to play around a bit, checking blogs and catching up on emails.  M came home from his run, and then I decided to get ready for my run.  It certainly wasn’t any warmer out, and I am a cold wimp, so I decided to protect treat myself by dressing a bit warmer than was particularly called for.

They say that you should dress for weather 20 degrees warmer than what it actually is outside.  So that for me woudl have brought me to my running capri tights and a long sleeve.  I decided to shake things up a bit and see how running in my warmer fleece running pants and a long and short-sleeve tops would work.

It worked well! I was warm the entire time for my short run.  Since I wasn’t running very long, I never quite had the opportunity to overheat from this, and I never felt too cold either.  Go me! First solo run in almost a week and a half!

Maybe this will be my trick for low motivation in the cold. Short runs, bundled up more than necessary.

Plans for the rest of the week:

  • Thursday: Turkey Trot
  • Friday: something good for my body. Maybe a run, maybe yoga.
  • Saturday: long run with the winter warriors.

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