Saturday Run & Holiday Bootie Buster Kick-off!

Yesterday’s Winter Warriors run was OK.  I was looking forward to a strong run, planning on 11 miles.  We left for the run well & it  was a beautiful day out: a little chilly, but sunny.  Our 10:30 pace group was chatty, and we breezed along to the half-way point.

Something happened after we turned around that I began to get some major abdominal cramping, and I knew I needed to find a restroom.  Since it’s cooler out on the lakefront, I wasn’t sure if the bathrooms I’m normally familiar with would be open… and they were still at least a mile away.  I tooka  gamble and left the pace group to go out in search of a restroom off of the Irving Park area.  After slowing to a walk, I used my bathroom radar to find a coffee shop and surreptiously used the restroom.

Getting back on track to the run, I started back up again, and continued on my way.  I finished the 9 miles, but didn’t necessarily feel like doing the rest to get to 11. Chalk it up to a bad dinner the night before, and got a Starbucks latte to cap off my run.

My goal for this coming week will be to run regularly:  4 times total over the week.  My plan:

Monday & Wed – AM run before work

Thurs – Turkey Trot!

Sat – CES long run.

ON another note…

I’m starting the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, and am excited to keep up some healthy habits throughout the holidays! Between now and Jan 7, I’m going to keep track of my exercise (miles run, minutes in yoga, etc) and also my fruit & veggie intake!

I’ll be tweeting to keep track of my intake, so look forward to some more regular tweets, and not just the Nike+ tweets!

For yesterday:

9 miles run

3 fruits & veggies 😦


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