What not to do

Last night was an easy run with my CES running group. We went out for a 50 minute run (25 min out, run back to start) and it was a gorgeous, cloudy/foggy night out on the lakefront.

I chatted with Rhonda along the way about different races and training topics. It’s nice to have someone to talk with, for these reasons:
-Makes the time fly by
-You learn something
-Make a new friend
-It’s easier to tell if you’re working too hard — it gets harder to talk.
-Running does not seem quite so tedious

When we got back to start, I looked at my Nike+ watch and saw these stats:
4.59 mi / 10:29 min/mi pace / 48 minutes
(I know I only clocked 48 minutes on the run, forgot to start my watch as we left the store).

I’ve started checking the distance of my running routes, and MapMyRun said that this was a 5 mile total run. I’m getting a bit tired of questioning whether my Nike+ is calculating the correct distance or not. Garmin on my Xmas list? Definitely.

What other running items are on your xmas list?


One thought on “What not to do

  1. Jenna

    Check out the Nike gps ap for your iPhone! You have to run w your phone but it logs the exact pace and distaff of your run on a map!


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