Long overdue… Hot Chocolate 15K Race Recap

Long Overdue:

On Last Saturday I ran in the Hot Chocolate 15K race in downtown Chicago.  It was a lot of fun, partly because we had some guests staying with us so it was slumber party the night before, and brunch after the race!

The night before we made pace bands.  Basing off my previous times, I was shooting for a 1:43 for my 15k time.  That’s 11:04 min/mi. 

All of my pictures are from pre-race.  It was chilly, but I had my jacket on at that point.  I was super-cold after checking gear, and was left wearing just my capris, pink top & black vest! I ran into Jenna and Courtney, and then we parted ways got lost trying to get into the pacing groups for the start line.

Running was fine… chilly at first but I warmed up by mile 3 or so.  Mile 6 and onward were warm, and I continued breezing along.  Faster than my pace band.  I watched and paced off of this one guy in a blue shirt. He was weaving, trying to get ahead.  Although I chose not to weave, and waste energy moving horizontally, I found that I kept very close to him over the course of 2 miles.  Note to self: Don’t try to weave — you don’t get too much out of it!

As the race drew to a close, we rounded about the Shedd Aquarium and headed back into Grant Park.  Not too many people cheering; I think all of the spectators were cold!

After catching up with the BF (he ran well! 1:06) and getting my jacket and wind pants back, we got in line for some fondue.  Good, although portions were a bit skimpy. I just ran 9 miles! I want more than a tiny piece of pound cake, apple, banana & rice krispies!

We decided to leave for some brunch back in Bucktown, and avoid the next set of lines for the actual hot chocolate.  Brunch at Cortland’s Garage was delicious, filling & warm!

Overall a great run!


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