5K Predictor Run

Tonight was the Wednesday CES Winter Warriors run and every Wed is designed to focus on some aspect of improving your running. Some runs might be a speed workout, or focused on your posture. Tonight’s workout was a 5K run designed to set appropriate training paces. How do you do this?

Well, after a warm-up and brief stretching, we ran a 5K at a “moderately hard” pace.  I took a somewhat easy way out (although similar to my racing style) and followed behind someone who I knew was relatively same pace.

I was able to follow her somewhat well for the first 2 of the 3.1 mile run, but ~2 I began cramping and took a brief walk break. It felt like forever for me to get back to what I thought my pace was, and then I pushed back to the finish (same as where we started).

I predicted that my 5k time would be 31-32 minutes, and it turned out that I ran 29:34, which is a unofficial PR for me! That’s a 9:45 pace according to my Nike+.
So how does this come back to training? I’m going to plug my times into a Training Pace Calculator:

  • Your easy run training pace: 11:51 min/mile
  • Your tempo run training pace: 9:56 min/mile
  • Your VO2-max training pace: 8:59 min/mile
  • Your speed form training pace: 8:19 min/mile
  • Your long run training pace: 11:51 – 13:18 min/mile
  • Your Yasso 800s training pace: 4:36 min/800

Now, I haven’t gotten much past plain old distance-based training programs  (well, that and “sprint run faster to the end of the block”) so I’m not sure how important it is to follow these paces.  But I know that my long runs and easy runs have generally been faster than 11:51 min/miles for most of this year.  So we’ll see as we get into the speedier workouts later on.

Have you used training pace calculators before? Have you found that certain paces are off? How did you readjust?

It had been a beautiful evening out by the Chicago lakefront and we were cruising along for the entire run. I don’t normally run along the lakefront in the evenings (and certainly not fall/winter)  but it is incredibly peaceful to run in semi-darkness; lit by the car lights along Lake Shore Drive and the streetlights along the path.  Darkness of that swath of water we call Lake Michigan on your other side.

After my 5K I chatted up with a cool girl I’ve met through CES and got to know her a bit better.  Yay for running friends!


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