Normal, or not so normal

I’ve been struggling with motivation to write for the last week or two, feeling like what I’ve been doing is just so-so, just plain old normal. Only something like a Halloween Half Marathon, or a trip to Florida, would be worthy of blogging. It also has been busy in my work life as well, and that’s just another excuse.

But really, I’ve done something very different recently – and I appreciate just how quickly it’s become part of my normal.

I joined Chicago Endurance Sports’ Winter Warriors Training program. It’s a training group here in Chicago that will help you train for a half marathon in January – destination races to Phoenix or the Bahamas! I’m not doing either of these, so I’m tailoring my program to my own destination races!

I joined 3 weeks ago now, and have done 3 training runs with them. We run Saturday mornings out of Fleet Feet Sports, and also again on Wednesday evenings. It’s been a great change to be running with other people on a regular basis — and for some longer distances.

Saturday mornings we run long, and there are pacers. I’m in the 10:30 pacing group and it’s been pretty comfortable for me. This past Saturday we ran 7 miles. (I ran the 2 miles home to round up to ~9 miles, as I’m training for a December 1/2 marathon!) That’s a nice hour-plus run to listen, get to know, and just be with other people.

Wednesday evenings are the intervals or speed work.  This week we have a race predictor 5K – timed to predict our half marathon times.

The rest of the week you work off a training program that the coaches have customized for you… and there’s many different programs and coaches! It’s been great so far to meet so many different people (and see some familiar faces from Running Away runs), and to be motivated by their experiences.


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