Rest Week… and P.R at Bucktown 5K!

I did not make my goals this week in terms of running 3-4 times during the week. Not one bit. I ran Monday and wore my cool new running vest, and enjoyed the shorter run. The BF left out of town Tuesday, and for some reason, out went my motivation. He really is good at motivating me to get out and run. I couldn’t make the Running Away Tuesday night group either – I had a volunteer meeting to host! (See my quinoa salad recipe here).

I think I really need a rest week every so often (maybe once a month?) in order to let my body process all of the previous work. As I write this, I’m thinking that I should incorporate this into my training plans… hmm – something to look at more.

But I had signed up for the Bucktown 5K, which I ran this morning. My goal was to beat my previous 5K PR (from 6 years ago!) of 31:30. I actually beat it earlier this year when I ran a race bandit. But no one other than me and my Nike+ know that :).

Yesterday was chilly here in Chicago, and we were looking at 49 degrees for the starting time temperature this morning. So I wore my shorts, a light long-sleeve technical T, and my new vest! A quick warm-up, stretch, and I was ready to race! (It also doesn’t hurt when you live 2 blocks from the starting line — you have your own private bathroom!)

During the race, I ran hard. It’s a great community race, and that meant I had to do some weaving and more passing of people than I’m accustomed to. Running harder, and for some reason I was having some stomach issues. I took a few walk breaks, took off my vest when I got too hot. Since I knew the neighborhood, I had an excellent idea of how hard I could push on the final straightaway, which was about 6 blocks long. I didn’t feel like I was running as hard as I potentially could, but I was feeling pretty horrible. I finished in 30:04!

It’s interesting; that was a great time for me, but I also didn’t feel as awesome about the race since I didn’t feel so good. I wonder if I shoudl put in more speedwork?

Post race, we walked home, got some warmer clothes, headed back for the post-race food goodies. Some foods from local restaurants, and then we headed to our friend Jenna’s house for some brunch. Excellent bagels, pumpkin muffins, and some coffee w/ Baileys too. It was great to see friends, and catch up with the gals I’m running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon with! Go Jenna, Jen, Laura and our other friends who I haven’t met yet!

When we left, the BF and I made plans to run some more in order to round out a long run distance. Not that we run together, but just at teh same time. I was still feeling a little queasy, prolly from the race + many carbs + coffee and Baileys. I didn’t feel that great thinking about running more, but I decided to get out and try to put in a few more miles. The queasiness didn’t increase at all, so I kept up the run and enjoyed the slower pace.

In all today, I ran:
0.7 mi – warm-up
3.1 mi – 5K race
4.5 mi – post race run.

The rest of today I’ve been chilling, doing some errands, wearing compression socks, and tonight, enjoying some wine :).  I’ve also been exploring a few new blogs.  Here’s the one I’m loving: Jen lives in Charlotte, NC and is presently training for a marathon. 

Goal for this week: run 3 times during the week. I have a work conference @ the end of the week, so I hope to run 8 miles on Wednesday evening too.  Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon a week from today!

How do you incorporate additional distance onto race days? Today, I kept track of the warm-up distance, and added that with my race distance & run several hours post-race to make a total of 8.3 miles.


6 thoughts on “Rest Week… and P.R at Bucktown 5K!

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