Good weekend.

Yesterday I did a lovely 10 miles.  It was so nice to be out, a little chilly outside but was able to pull out a long-sleeve shirt for part of my run!  Glad I had a shorter one underneath as I warmed up by mile 4!

I’ve been trying to make it to my Hot Chocolate 15K training group Saturday AM runs, and have failed for the 2nd week in a row. 😦  Not for not waking up.  My plan is to bike the 3 miles out to the Lakefront.  Last weekend I didn’t plan what I needed to bring for the bike portion, and somehow ended up in my car driving to the lakefront! Got there in time, couldn’t find parking.  By the time I was at the lakefront & ready, the group was long gone!

This weekend, I biked there and made it with time to spare! but my bike lock key was also missing.  So I biked back home, but I got to call this a brick workout!  40 minute bike followed by 10 mile run.  Not too bad.

Run actually felt great.  I did a much quicker pace for the first several miles than normal, but I felt good.  Just cruising along!  And then I was done! It’s runs like these that keep me going.  The day started out disappointing (on the bike) but ended up awesome on the run.

Post-run fuel was an awesome dish: Quinoa (mixed with some soy sauce & siracha) plus an egg on top!  So delicious and filling.  Maybe I’ll start taking pix of my food 🙂

Today I had some work to do in the AM, but made it to Bikram Yoga for my weekly yoga fix.  I think it’s been helping with my flexibility and certainly also with my back strength.

Anyone interested in running the Bucktown 5K this weekend? Super fun race, and it’s still open! Great berber fleece instead of another race tee!
Other races I’m running:  Hot Chocolate 15K (Nov 6), and Vegas R’n’R Half.  Come run with me and gamble away!


3 thoughts on “Good weekend.

  1. kilax

    Yay for the accidental brick!

    This was the perfect weekend for being outdoors!

    I keep thinking about the Hot Chocolate. I wonder how long registration stays open. I wonder if I’ll be in town. Hmm.

    1. laurenmburns Post author

      I heard last week from Running Away (that’s hosting the Hot Chocolate race) that they don’t expect it to fill up — something like 25,000 slots maybe? Last year it was up near Montrose and they moved it this year down to Grant Park area. That woudl be great if you’re able to do it! I’ve heard really good things about it, and love RAM Racing’s event management.

  2. MacKenzie @ Fighting the Pudge

    That Quinoa mix sounds lovely!! I wanna hear more. 🙂

    I’m walking the Hot Chocolate 5k .. should be fun, yeah? I have pals running the Bucktown 5k on Sunday, but I’ll be at the AIDS Run Walk on Saturday. High five for pounding the pavement, Lauren!


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