Running Update & Raffle

I’ve been running so far each day this week! At the end of last week, I looked back on my weekly mileage recently and realized I was not making quite as much as I had been earlier this summer. So I’ve been stepping it up a bit and ran Mon, Tues & Wed. Tuesday and Wednesday were with Running Away – as always, a fun time! Tomorrow I’m also planning to run with their Bucktown 5K training program – free gloves tomorrow! I love meeting new people and getting ideas about running and other endurance sports. Tuesday nite I spoke with this cool girl Laurie who just completed IronMan two weeks ago. Go Laurie!

I’ve also been reading up in the blogosphere about runners, and Chicago runners in particular. One person who I’ve been following is named Courtney, and she is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thru Team in Training, a group near & dear to my heart (Chicago ’08 baby!). Courtney is having a raffle to meet her fundraising goal, so you should go over and check her raffle and her blog out! There’s some cool looking gear (I’m craving the purple compression socks) and we also get to help an organization trying to help find a cure for cancer and support those living with it. Please check her out!


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