Fall / Winter Training Plan

I had a great quick run with the Running Away Bucktown 5K Training program tonight!  Had a nice chat with a trainer about the importance of cross-training, and then we headed out for 3 miles! Met a nice lady named Helen who just completed the Chicago Half on Sunday. Way to go Helen!

I’ve been trying to figure out what my training/workout plan should be as we approach fall & winter.  Over the spring & summer I have been mostly running for exercise, and training for the half-marathon distance in particular!

This summer I did 4 half marathons:

It’s been a great summer, and I PR’ed at the Madison Mini!  After some time off from “training,” I’m now looking to put together a workout & training plan for the fall and winter.

Running-wise, here’s what I have coming up:

  • Bucktown 5K (Oct 3) – a great local race
  • Hot Chocolate 15K (Nov 6) – who doesn’t want hot chocolate after a race?
  • Vegas Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon (Dec 5) – first time to Vegas 🙂
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon (Feb 27, 2011)

Last winter, I didn’t really run at all. A few times on the treadmill.  The year before (much colder) I did run outside through the winter and had been consistent in training for an April half marathon until I had to re-direct my energy toward addressing a family emergency for several months.

So, this winter.  I’ve got a lot of things that I’m interested in trying out or strengthening a practice:   Running, Yoga, preparing myself for a triathlon next year (so cross-train in swimming & biking), doing the 30Day Shred for strength, trying out Cross-Fit.  Although I might like to, I can’t fit all of these in all at once given my schedule, and knowing myself (I need 1-2 days of rest each week, for me to mentally recharge).  Tonight’s talk with Brian helped me to cement that I really should spend more time on strengthening when it’s cold outside.  I’ve come up with the following plan:

ONGOING training plan.  I will plan to run 2-3 weekdays, plus one long run on the weekends.  In addition:

  • SEPT:  Get into the habit of going to Bikram Yoga once per week.
  • OCT:  Do the 30 Day Shred. Keep up with Yoga.
  • NOV:  Add Swim & Bike into the additional Day.  Need to find a swim and/or spin location.
  • DEC:  check out Cross-Fit. (my work is switching office locations, and I think there’s a couple options near our new location!)

I haven’t figured out what I’ll do yet for January/February/etc, but I think this is a good starting point.  The idea is that I’d do one or two days a week of the “add-on” activity (except the 30DS – I’d try to do that as many days as I can for 30 days).

What do you think? What workouts do you want to try?  How do you decide what to do when you have so many ideas?


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