It’s great to be out running today

It’s been a nice fall weekend – 70s weather yesterday, and hitting 80s today.  I went out for a 7 mile run — the longest run I’ve done in almost 3 weeks, and it was great!   I loved just taking it slowly and enjoying running for running.

I run because…

  1. it is a beautiful day
  2. i feel powerful
  3. my heart can handle the work
  4. see all sorts of people, dogs, and other things outside
  5. watch the changes in my neighborhood
  6. my legs can handle the work
  7. the joy of a race — and the hopes of a PR!
  8. meditate
  9. eat more of the food i want
  10. we are blessed to be healthy, and should practice and nurture it

What makes you run? How do you practice gratitude on a run?


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