5K Training

Running Away Multisport has a 5K training program in preparation for their Bucktown 5K race coming up in early October. The training program is on Thursday evenings, and features a talk or clinic of some sort, and then a group run.

Tonight was the first night that I was able to go, and I’m glad I did! Cristina, a registered dietician from Aeon Nutrition, talked about how to properly fuel your body when exercising. It was a great reminder to get more fruits and veggies (and water!) as well as to hear about what other people do in fueling up before or after a run.

After the talk, we went out for the run. It was the first chilly evening, but perfect for a run! We did two miles, for me at a pretty fast clip (just under 10 min/mile pace).  It was definitely harder if you don’t get the breaks at stoplights!  Once I got back and stretched, a few of us went out for one more mile a bit more relaxed (10:45 pace).

Overall, it was fun and you should check out Running Away’s training programs or fun runs if you live in the area!


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