Yoga and Time Off

I haven’t been as consistent about my running over the last two weeks. One trip, two weddings, and only about 3 runs during that time. It’s been a nice rest after the “relatively” strenous running routine I had earlier this summer. (For me, 4-5 days a week of running is more than I can reasonably handle on a regular basis.) So I’ve been taking some of this time off to rest, let my feet recover (and recover after wearing heels as required in some of the weddings!), and begin to think through my training plan for the fall & winter.

What am I envisioning? Well, for starters I do have some races to train for. Here’s the snapshot:
*Bucktown 5K – Oct 3
*Hot Chocolate 15 K – Nov 6
*Las Vegas R’n’R Half Marathon – Dec 5
*Disney Princess Half – Feb 27, 2011

I certainly need to keep up my running, but I’d also like to explore other workouts as well:
*triathlon training – I need to continue bicycling, and practice swimming.
*Yoga – I put my Bikram Yoga practices on hold when running season started up. I’d like to get back into it — it’s a great workout and helps with strength & flexibility.
*30 Day Shred – I got this workout video, have used it sporadically, and I’d really like to commit myself to doing this for a month — but not at the expense of running.
*Cross-Fit -I’ve heard about this gym workout and there’s one near where I live. I’d like to see what it’s like and maybe start attending.

I clearly have a lot of different ideas on things I’d like to do, and I’m trying to figure out how I can balance all of this in different ways. Today I went to Bikram Yoga, a 90 minute yoga practice in a 105-degree room.  It doesn’t sound pretty, but for me, it helps me to focus as well as to develop strength in certain areas that I might not otherwise be focused on strengthening (such as my back!). And the stretching that is inherent with yoga doesn’t hurt, either.

Right now I’m thinking that I may want to plan 3 days of running, 1 yoga day, and 1 “wildcard” workout day that would switch up over time.

What are some different work-out planning strategies that you’ve got? How have you balanced multiple interests and priorities?


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