North Shore Half Race Recap

In June this summer I ran the North Shore Half Marathon in the tony suburb of Highland Park, IL.  As I had been planning for longer distance running this summer, I was interested in this race for RAM Racing’s awesome goody bags.  This race was no different — a great backpack that I think will be great for triathalons — it holds a ton of stuff, and has extra pockets, including a special pocket for running shoes to air out!

So I registered, and that was that.

The actual race was pretty cool.  I started out the day early, with the drive out to Highland Park.  M helped me to prepare for the race (including waiting at the Port-a-Potty), and holding my stuff.  I did a warm-up, running around the Saks Fifth Avenue store and back to the starting line.

When the race started, it was nice and cool out.  I started out well adn felt great.  Passed a number of people, and saw two hashers along the way.  At mile 5 I saw a Port-a-Potty and decided to stop to use the bathroom.   There was only one p-o-p, so I had to wait about 5 minutes or so for my turn.  Once out, I had to make it up the largest hill of the race – the Park Avenue Hill.

As the race progressed, the sun rose and it got hotter and more humid.  I rounded around Fort Sheridan, and then really struggled with the end as we turned back toward downtown HP.  M met me around mile 11 (he had seen me at 4.5 & 8) and jogged with me for the last bit.  It was a struggle.  I was not very motivated, and was having some major trouble with staying in “run” mode.

M coached me to keep going, to put one foot in front of another.  Tips on posture (“Run Tall!”) and also to try to pass a runner ahead of me.  Both helped, although I was exhausted by that point.  When I finished, it was great.  Although I wasn’t completey happy with my time, I knew I had given this race my all.

Post Race, M & I went to Panera to re-stock the glycogen stores.  Then we went to see his parents out in the ‘burbs for a little while.


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