Lovely run out in the woods

I’m in Olean, NY for a wedding and went out this morning for a run. Had planned on just a short run as there’s a lot going on, and I haven’t run since the Madison Mini on Saturday.

But when I asked at the hotel about where to run (I was expecting a sidewalk down the main street), the receptionist mentioned a trail loop that goes right by the hotel! 5.5 miles, so I had to decide if I wanted to do 1.5 miles out and back (as planned) or run the whole loop?

As I went out and was trying to assess my fitness, stress and time needs for the day, I was cruising by some lovely scenery in this small town. At 1.5 miles, I decided I should keep going and was rewarded when the trail headed for the next 3 miles along the Allegany River and through the woods. Gorgeous, and relatively isolated. Definitely not something that I get to experience in Chicago!

I was running right on the edge of the asphalt trail, and had to keep remind myself that there was no one else, so I could run in the middle if I wanted to. I saw squirrels, tons of birds, and a frog along the trail!

Once back, I was very happy I had chosen to do the longer run and temper the stresses of the wedding activities going on that day!

Wedding is tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get out for a run on Saturday or Sunday. But if not, today’s run was so worth it and a refreshing change from the Chicago urban running that I normally do.

What do you do to get refreshed in your running routines?


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