Training! (on runs & social media)

I ran on Sunday. And on Monday. But somehow it is Tuesday night and I still haven’t written about either, although I thought about it during both runs! This week is turning out to be very busy, and I need to work at sharing my experiences more regularly.

Sunday’s Run: 8 miles, in the heat. Longer Distance for the week. It had been a cool morning, but I waited too late to run and it was HOT out. I found that Gu didn’t sound appealing to me, but i was pooped by the end of the run. I think I need to try some of the gel/chew based nutrition for me to carry — something that’s a little smaller than the whole Gu packet.

Monday – 3.3 mile run with the Chicago Hash House Harriers.  Not including the walking breaks.  It was hot out again, and I carried a water bottle with me (smart idea!)  We met and left out of a bar in Bucktown, and followed trail through the area. Afterward, a reward: BEER! Sometimes you need a specific motivator 🙂

What have you found helpful in setting a routine for running? What about training?


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