Bumper Stickers!!!

I’ve finally outfitted my car to reflect my runner status!

At the R’n’R expo I bought a bumper sticker that says 13.1, something I’ve been wanting since I went with the BF to the first expo of the season… but I hadn’t been running a half marathon that weekend!

So after searching at the other expo’s I’ve been to this year, I finally found a 13.1 bumper sticker. Also in my goodie bag, a Garmin sticker that says “Run with it.” This was also applied this afternoon to the side window of my car.

I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for running with others, even if on the road in my go-go-mobile.

I’ve taken it easy yesterday and today, enjoying some of the Chicago summer while not in sweaty running gear!  Hopefully I’ll make it for a run tomorrow, and make a decision on if I run some more half marathons before fall.

Do you have bumper stickers reflecting running or other interests on your car? What are your plans for late summer & fall races?


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