Race Day Eating

One thing that I have been fine-tuning this year is how I eat in the day before & day of a race.  It’s important to fuel properly when you’re running an endurance event like a half marathon.  Here’s what I ate this weekend:

Saturday 7/31:

Breakfast: The usual (greek yogurt, oatmeal, berries)

Lunch: Veggie Burger w/ bun, baby carrots & Cheez-Its.  This is more than I normally eat at lunch on the weekend. I’m normally much more snacky, but I have been hungry due to nerves and also wanted to make sure I fuel my body well enough.

Snacks: normal amount of weekend snacking.  Guacamole & tortilla chips in the afternoon, a few fruits throughout the day.

Dinner:  I made sure to eat a non-whole wheat pasta this night, with red sauce, onions and olives.  Normally I’ll have a whole wheat pasta, but the night before a race I want to slightly reduce my fiber intake in order to reduce the bathroom breaks.

Sunday 8/1 Day of Race! Race Time=6:30 AM

@ Home: Munched on a Clif Bar.  I didn’t eat all of it.

Before the Starting Line: A caffeine GU with a tiny bit of water.  Caffeine GU helps give a little more energy right before the start line.

During Race: I stopped/walked for water & Cytomax approximately every 1.5 or 2 miles.  Cytomax is an energy drink similar to Gatorade, but is more diluted. I liked that part about it much more!   Also had a Vanilla GU at the GU stop around mile 10.

Post Race: Immediately after crossing the finish line they offered bottled water, POPSICLES! Cytomax, and orange slices.  The popsicle was great to cool off, and the orange slices were sooooo good. I don’t think I’ve ever had orange slices that I appreciated more.

A little while later (once I cooled off, stretched, and changed out of my shoes and sweaty damp shirt), we went to redeem our beer tickets for a cup of MGD64.  Very refreshing, although at this point (10:30 AM) it was very hot out and my stomach was starting to growl.

The BF (who ran the race too) and I headed over to the PF Chang’s tent to get some delicious food. We had signed up to receive promotional emails at the R’n’R Packet Pick-up and got some bracelets to get some freee PF Chang’s after the race.  Best decision ever. I had a little bit of some Chicken Lettuce Wrap, an Edamame steamed potsticker, and a little bite of chocolate pudding/cake.  They also had icy cups to pour my Cytomax drink into.  we had a nice few moments sitting on a grassy knoll, munching and refueling.

Later that day:

Once home (now 2-3 hours after the race), I had some more protein snacks: a bit of egg, a Babybel cheese.  Then we did some errands and napped.

Late afternoon I made some guacamole & ate with tortilla chips, then we went out to get some pizza at Piece!  Delicious pizza and also a refreshing glass of beer.  On the way home we stopped and shared a fro-yo.  (I think Self-Serve Fro-Yo is taking over the world!)

Overall, I try to eat a little more consciously around races, but not too far off from my normal eating habits.   By Monday I am trying to stick to my normal dietary plans.

What do you eat before a race?  Any particular rituals or common foods?  How did you figure out what your body liked?


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