Even though most training resources say to take off the day after a long run (and I think R’n’R Chicago qualifies, don’t you?), I couldn’t resist coming to the White Trash Hash that the Chicago Hash House Harriers were holding on Monday.  I had met up with some Harrierettes at the race Sunday, who told me about the Monday hash.

Hashing in short is a run with beer during & after, where everyone has code names. When you run, you’re following a trail that someone laid for you with chalk.  That is hashing put into 29 words.

Monday’s hash had the theme “White Trash Hash” so we all had to wear some sort of themed attire on our run.  I pulled off (due to last minute planning) a ratty red tank top and shorts.  The BF wore a cut-off muscle tee and also made cut-off jorts (see definition #2).  Someone ran in his overalls, with his dog. There was also another jorts runner too. 

My quads & hamstrings were still pretty sore the day after a half (but not my calves – I wore compression socks after the race on Sunday!) so the run was a little brutal. But among the hash, running is not a race and you’re not hashing to get another training run in.  So even though it took a while to get to the beer stop, after we finished with the beer I was able to be first in running back to our starting point.

After everyone is good and lubed up at the local bar we started at (Weeds, anyone?), we held ceremonies.  It’s basically a way to call people to drink more.  But after a hot run chasing chalk marks in 80 & humid weather, who doesn’t need some more beer?  It was good, but you do have to ration yourself: not only will you drink what you willingly drink, they will call you in to drink some more. 

Overall it was a good run, good to get out and stretch my legs (crazy!) after a race, but we’ll see how I’m feeling later today!


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