I was re-reading the August issue of Runner’s World and wanted to share an article that particularly piqued my interest: Triathalon Training for Runners. Have you ever done a triathalon?  I’m intrigued by the additional skill that goes into this — being coordinated enought to maneuver not just feet & roads, but bike & water too.  When this issue initially came out I had been hearing a friend talk about her recent triathalon, and had also looked at local triathalons.  Unfortunately schedules didn’t work for a summer 2010 triathalon debut, so I think I may work on practicing my bicycling skills and maybe find a place to swim. 

Any tips for a newbie?  What events have you been looking at getting into?


1 thought on “Triathalons

  1. Amy

    I love triathlons, and found that swimming was initially my most challenging sport. I’ve been doing a LOT of swimming lately, though, and expect that since I cannot run or bike (due to giant pregnant belly of doom), that for my next tri, the swimming will be the easy part.

    I think it’s totally worth giving a go, though. Although I do recommend starting small – with a sprint tri! So much fun.


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